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Welcome! My name is Solace. I'm 23, and an amateur artist/writer. This website mostly works as a place for me to store and organize character + world information that i'm not sure where to put elsewhere, while also giving me a reason to practice editing and writing code!
I've been working on this setting and the characters in it for almost a decade now, so they're very near and dear to my heart. It's unlikely that I'll ever finish anything solid like a webcomic, but things like that are fun to think about anyway. If you ever want to know more, have any questions at all, or simply want to chat, feel free to contact me through Tumblr, Toyhou.se, or Discord at solace#1787
General content warning for religious themes + imagery, written descriptions of violence + gore, and some scattered profanity. Darker/horror themes in writing will be tagged on their respective pages when they pop up! Feel free to let me know if anything else you come across needs a warning.
Afterlight is the name my partner and I use for a collection of smaller stories all taking place in the same universe (for the most part simultaneously). In this world, the presence of its gods is known and felt all too well, and the consequences of their squabbles ripple out through each interconnected reality. Angels, humans and demons alike must cope with the threads that connect them, and discern truth from lie as their worlds draw closer and closer to a horrible end. Even the damned have a part to play in salvation, and sometimes the light can blind.
There are three main settings, which I hope to get complete pages up for at some point or another. Perhaps the most important one is Earth itself, though not quite as we know it. Humanity has been driven into scattered cities across the globe; few in number but massive and labyrinthean. The Church of the Empyrean Light remains strong in its hold of the citizens there, and enforces virtue and purity to keep the hungry, sin-eating beats outside the walls at bay.